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What was your route through education to get to where you are today? What was the first thing which pricked your interest in the creative industries?

I wasn’t really the most enthusiastic at school, as nothing really interested me, until year 10 when i started a ‘Medionics’ class. This class was a mixture of video, photography, design and animation and straight away I knew I wanted to do something within media. This inspired me to want to do Media (Publishing) and Film Studies at college. From there, I went on to The University of Worcester to study Creative Digital Media, graduating in 2009.

How did your university studies curve your design skills into what you’ve taken on today? Did you go into your first creative job straight from university?

My Creative Digital Media degree was modular based and had a great variety of media types. I was able to try Photography, Video and Animation before I started to specialise in Design modules. My first job after uni was a two month paid internship as a Production Assistant and Designer at a video and animation company. I was able to combine all of the knowledge from the various media types that I had experienced at University. (via Interview with Graphic Designer John Williamson)

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