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Since graduating in 2009, I have worked freelance on Graphic Design and Clothing Design projects. As well as freelance projects I am currently working full-time as a Product Designer for a Fragrance and Beauty company in Manchester. Although Sports Product Design is my specialist area, I believe this to be fantastic experience working with clients and manufacturers all over the world. The role is fast paced and challenging. As well as working on our own bespoke products, we also work with major celebrities and global retailers from UK, Australia and many other countries. I work on projects from start to finish. I research and visit trade shows, create concept work and renders and create supplier briefs. I create flat artwork for suppliers, decide on finishes, colours etc… once samples are made and sent to us I check for finish and colour quality, and then relay amendments back to the suppliers. I am really excited for the future. In my role now I have gained experience working in a live environment and liaising with manufacturers and clients, which is priceless and every graduate finds hard to achieve. My aim now is to continue working hard, eventually get myself back into the Sports Product/Clothing industry. This is where my expertise and passion have always been and I aim to work for a major sports brand or create my own clothing label within the next few years. (via Sports Equipment & Product Designer Scott Daniels « Business Boom Bolton)

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