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I have been working with photography since I began studying Fine Art in 2005. Over the years, I have defined where my interest lies within the medium and have carved a business out of these interests. I am most interested in the surreal aspect of art and photography. I enjoy creating images that have no and need no explanation. The images are simply there to be enjoyed. I primarily work on medium format film and feel most at home shooting in black and white. I divide my time between producing fine art photographs to sell as prints and to be exhibited, and by photographing portraits for clients. The two are very much connected. The portrait work I create is a little different from the usual in that rather than a portrait just serving a purpose for the client, the images also fulfil my creative vision as an artist. I have been exhibiting my photographs around the uk and abroad for the last 5 years and continue to do so. Currently I have an exhibition in Oak Street Café, in the Craft centre (in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.) (via Merging Fine Art with Photography: Showcasing Lucy Ridges « Business Boom Bolton)

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