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I am an Illustrator using paper and card as my main medium, I like the idea of transforming something ordinary into something unique. I create images using 2D paper cut outs which I adorn with beads, I suspend my elements and photograph them. More recently I have been collaging my elements together and framing them to produce original art works. I have a real passion for all things hand made and focus on detail within my work. I really like to create hand made type to compliment my imagery, adding a whimsical element to my work. I have a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design, which has taught me the importance of composition and layout. I have recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores with a BA Honours Degree in Illustration. I am very interested in events and transforming spaces for people to experience. I have had work experience with ‘Lord Whitney‘ helping bring Delemere forest to life for a children’s festival. Also, in the near future I will be assisting setting up an exhibition profiling well-known artists who work predominantly with paper. (via Illustrator and Paper Sculptor Lisa Rockall)

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