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“I go by the alias of ‘orangereed’ yet lack a good reason as to why this is. I have just graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Illustration, which essentially means I’m a freelance illustrator. This provides a good response when your parents ask ‘why are you sitting around on your arse all day?’ I have dabbled in both traditional and digital mediums to produce work through my time in education but it’s only recently that I’ve found myself behind a computer screen using both Illustrator and Photoshop – somewhat discovering a ‘style’ I feel quite comfortable with I guess. I always try to keep my work quite light hearted, usually throwing in a small amount of humour. You could say my work represents a piece of my personality. Through my time on the Illustration course I have become increasingly interested in sequence/narrative, comics, zines/books and screen-printing and incorporate this into my work.” (via Illustration by Carl Reed AKA Orangereed)

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