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My graduate collection ‘Vintage Victory‘ is a collection of Surface Patterns used as furnisher screenprints, digital prints and wallpaper designs, initially inspired by drawings of classical textile study matters of flowers, birds and 1950s retro geometrics, looking at traditional vintage prints and textiles for scale and pattern formulations. By collaging the initial drawings and watercolour studies through layering traditional hand printed techniques with digital processes this has formed Vintage Victory’s’ signature style of clashing vintage geometrics with classical, traditional studies. The clashing of Wool Serge, Flax Natural Canvas, Linen Herringbone, Natural Linen, Furnishing cottons – Satin and Drill and wood veneers with the traditional and digital processes has enhanced the unusual textures and layers within the collection. What makes this collection so refreshing within the current market is its unusual and exciting translation onto other potential surfaces, not only within an Interior Market branching out to ceramics or utensils for example but Fashion or stationary also. Each individual repeat or pattern within the Vintage Victory furnishing collection can be completely transformed due to the surface quality, thus making the collection extremely appealing and commercial. (via Textile Designer Rachel Bell)

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