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The passion for graphic design grew everyday, then I found myself on the graphic design course at Salford. For the first year at Salford, I was on the foundation course. Whilst on this course I studied a graphic designer called David Carson. I was really inspired by how he works, breaking the rules of graphic design, but making it work. From then I knew I wanted to be like him, I wanted to be different. I always seek to do things that haven’t been done before, and challenge the rules of graphics. Why fit in with a trend when you can set the trend? I take this thought and work it into everything I do whether it is print, web design or motion. I am also inspired by the work of the Bauhaus and Si Scott. Even though I am an all rounder my preferred area is print. More specifically branding and typography. This is reflected in my portfolio and would be my preferred areas to work in, in future. Although, I do love challenges so I wouldn’t be afraid to try something new or develop another area of my skills. (via Salford University Graphic Design Graduate Kathryn Clement « Business Boom Bolton)

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