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“Just like the organisms in the natural world, this series of brooches are colorful and textural. They are inspired by the microscopic photographs of pollen cells and sea corals which possess vibrant colours and peculiar shapes. They always make me want to touch them. Therefore, the idea of making playful and tactile jewellery came to mind. For me, the best way to research is through material. The process of testing materials is interesting and full of surprises; the result is always beyond expectations. I enjoy transforming the flat sheet into three-dimensional forms, because it is unpredictable and exciting. Colour is another theme of my work. I am fascinated by the creatures which have flamboyant colours. So my work adopts different colours and tone combinations to present various and gradual changes of colours, in order to express the the dynamic nature of the texture in my work. I emphasize a sense of dynamic texture in my jewellery to encourage interaction between work and audience. My work seeks to ignite people’s curiosity and enjoyment.” (via Birmingham School of Jewellery Graduate Demi Chao)

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