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Manchester-based photographer Beverley Nesbit. With a focus on more traditional photography, Beverley strives to capture human character, personality and emotion in her shots. Having graduated from university, she is now looking for more opportunities to continue her love of photography. “I am an aspiring photographer, trying to make a name for myself in the music and film industries. My photography is not about the technicalities or the most expensive camera. For me its about the people in my photographs. Who are they? What is their story? With a love of old music and photography, I’m quiet traditional. I mostly use 35mm film, and with my old camera, I like to think of my images as real and honest. I graduated with a filmmaking degree from Manchester, which I feel has helped to shape my photography, in that I like to tell a story within my photographs. (via Photography by Beverley Nesbit « Business Boom Bolton)

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