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As I spent most of the past year going around in the bus station I grew to love it, the small things I saw on every visit to see the bus station as a fantastic place as it has a café right in the centre of it to an old men’s hairdressers too. Also an underpass to the main shops. It was interesting to watch the people pass through the bus station on each trip often many stopped to ask what I was doing etc. Often I asked them what they thought the future of the Bus Station was and many had different opinions. Also recently I exhibited with ‘In Certain places’ an exhibition, which focused on the bus station to help towards the campaign to save it. The Exhibition was in Preston at the Pad Gallery. My future prospects would be to take on more photographic projects whether it will be old or new buildings. I also would like to pursue a new career in this area to work alongside a company involved in Architecture, to also capture interior and exterior within this chosen area of photography. (via Blackpool & The Fylde College Graduate Hazel Edmunds « Business Boom Bolton)

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