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Photography is on the cards for you this morning with up-and-coming creative Madeleine Kimberley. Currently a student at Falmouth University, Madeleine is about to go into her third and final year, after which she hopes “to carve-out a career in niche creative product photography, reflecting my passion for still life and the tangibility of ‘things.’” “After completing my Art Foundation at Loughborough University, I continued my creative education by beginning a degree in Fashion design. However, I quickly realised that my heart wasn’t in it- I had always been more interested in the editorial fashion-spreads in the pages of glossy magazines than in making the clothes themselves, and concluded that image-making was something I wanted to persue. At Falmouth I have been able to find my own style that I am still experimenting with, but often leans towards the strange, the surreal and the macabre.” (via Photography by Madeleine Kimberley)

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