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“I guess I like expressive mark-making which can convey energy and mood but still allow you to appreciate the draughtsmanship involved. I learned a lot while working on an internship at Kent-based print studio, Pratt Contemporary which was a great opportunity as it gave me a further appreciation of printmaking and improving the presentation of my work. At present, I’m currently working freelance but with the added bonus of having my first book published (special thanks to LMNOP for allowing me such a great opportunity); this was based on Tom Crean, a survivor of Captain Scott’s ill-fated voyage to the Antarctic and was illustrated with monotype prints. Of course it’s important i keep my portfolio up to date so i’m always exploring potential new projects, i’m particularly interested on expanding my reportage series, which stems from drawings done on a trip to new york (A Dublin set is soon to be completed). I do have a few ideas for another book, the key for me is finding something that can hold my interest, with my own projects it’s usually work that reflects my own personal interests and this can vary from historical to contemporary themes. For now i’ll continue to work freelance in both illustration and graphic design, while promoting myself, in the hopes of furthering my career in the creative industry.” (via Artist & Illustrator Ian O’Shea)

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