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“When I’m finished with the course I’m hoping to be a landscape photographer and my dream is to work for National Geographic. My most recent project is about Succession: how the landscape changes over time. With this project I wanted to create awareness of the process of succession, and why it’s such an important aspect in the English landscape. The majority of England used to be covered in heathland, however overtime 80% of heather has been lost due to woodlands taking over. This has resulted into the loss of habitat for more than 5000 species. I shot the images on a 5×4 large format camera and put them into a circular format to emphasize the endless cycle of succession. My main inspiration for this project was Fergus Heron’s “Common” series, and after interviewing him, I was lucky enough to assist him on a photoshoot.” (via Aspiring Landscape Photographer Elaine De Vries)

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